Top 5 cars for under $5000 in Mississauga
Top 5 cars for under $5000 in Mississauga

If you're reading this article, you must be on the lookout for a good deal. Buying a used car under $5000 in Mississauga is not as risky as it may seem. Some used cars can be bought quite cheap and still run very well. If you don't mind over 100,000 km on the dash and a slightly older model year car and want to save a lot of money buying a used car under $5000 is the way to go. Here is five of the best used cars to look out for.

1. 2002 Toyota Camry

There is a reason you see so many older Camrys driving around Mississauga today. It is because Toyota accidentally made one of the most reliable cars of all time, and because of this there is a no reason to buy a new model of Camry when you can get a great and reliable car used for less than 5000 dollars. The 2002 Toyota Camry has great comfort inside and a smooth ride with enough power to take on hills and highways. It is a reliable car and can run for hundreds of thousands of kilometers with minimal maintenance. If you want a vehicle that lasts with the only maintenance required being oil changes, the Toyota Camry is the used car for you.

2. 2008 Ford Focus

Some reviewers of the Ford Focus say it is the longest lasting car they have ever owned. The Ford Focus keeps chugging along no matter what you throw (or tow) at it. Safety ratings for this car are also great, so even if you buy a used car, you are safe driving in Mississauga in this car. While not having any great styling, the Focus is definitely not a bad looking car, and is great for commuting to work daily as it can handle most road conditions easily as well as highways. The Focus does not have any major flaws, with decent performance, safety, and handling across the board. Keeping the car maintained with oil changes, possible replacement of motor mounts, and adding snow tires will keep the 2008 Ford Focus working great for over 200,000 miles, and is a great buy used.

3. 2005 Subaru Outback

If you need something sporty with a little more cargo space, look no further than a used 2005 Subaru Outback. The Outback is a surprisingly comfortable wagon available used even with a 5-speed manual! Since it is a Subaru, it can also run completely fine with 250,000 kilometres or more, if all you do is replace the engine timing belt every 100,000 kilometres. Subaru's are notoriously good at running for extremely long, and many drivers have clocked over 300,000 km in their Subaru Outbacks. You can obtain a very surprising 15 kilometres per litre on the highway with this car, even if you buy it used. It also has All-Wheel Drive, which gives impressive traction in the snow, even without snow chains.

4. 2003 Acura TL

If you need something a bit higher quality than a used Honda then you should go for the used Acura TL, which can be picked up for less than $5000 in Mississauga. The TL is a sporty little sedan with great reliability, as 2003 models are still being driven on the streets today. Despite being from 2003 and used, the Acura TL still has great acceleration and is worthy of highway driving and overtaking at speed. It also has fairly decent fuel economy and can be used as a daily work transporter without any problems. Preventative maintenance is key, and transmission will be the only part needing replacement after hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Overall, this is a great car to buy used in Mississauga.

5. 2005 Ford Escape

If you prefer a higher ride height and tons of space in the back, the 2005 Ford Escape is a great used car to look at. A reliable SUV from Ford that benefits from easy-to-find replacement parts and fair fuel economy. The 2005 Escape can also be found in a Hybrid version, the first year Ford ever added the hybrid Escape to their lineup. The Escape is appealing to both male and female drivers, with its sporty/cute look and nice smooth interior, with all controls easy to reach even by smaller drivers. The hybrid model can run solely on electricity, and with hybrid mode on the smart little SUV can attain near 15 kilometres per litre on the highway, which is great for an older used SUV. An AWD V6 model can also be bought, for a bit more torque and towing strength, as well as increased safety during wet road conditions. This is a great find for under $5000 used.


These five used cars are all great for both new and experienced drivers alike, and there is a car suited for every need you may have, from ride height to storage space to fuel economy. These cars can be found for under five-thousand dollars in Mississauga and are well reviewed to boot. Safe driving!